neljapäev, märts 06, 2008

Net Neutrality ja demokraatia

Täna sain teada oma Ameerika sõpradelt, mida tähendab Net Neutrality ja kes seda muuta tahab.

Some of you who have been with me since I first began using the internet to educate people might recall the battle we took to the Telecoms over securing "Net Neutrality"...

Well there's a new video out on the issue that serves as a reminder for you and a wake-up call to you who are new to this struggle. The very future of independent research, cheap communication and the First Ammendment are at stake, as the Telecoms still want to privatize the Internet, control which websites you can visit and dictate how much you have to pay to access them. Please take a few minutes to watch this piece, titled "Humanity Lobotomy" (at about 6 minutes and 46 seconds, you might recognize a familiar bald head):

So what can be done?

Spread awareness. This video is currently circulating on Digg's Top 10 stories.

Make sure everyone you know understands why net neutrality is important.


Da Jerry

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